Redding T7 Turret Press Review

redding t-t turret reloading press

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The Redding T7 Turret Press Review

Firstly, if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Redding T7 Turret Press in action, you’ll know how versatile this reloading press is. Highly skilled employees assemble the press from heavy-duty cast iron and 100% American Steel parts. Since Redding has built its reputation on producing high-quality reloading equipment for over seventy years, the T7 is no exception. In other words, this press combines a well thought out design with quality components that will last a lifetime.

While I do have other reloading presses currently set up, the T7 has quickly become one of my favorites. The seven-station turret head allows you to set up any combination of dies that you may want. The turret smoothly rotates between stations, with positive indexing at each point. Once you’ve set up the dies for your project, you can quickly move between stations without needing to readjust them.

Turret presses have several advantages over your traditional single stage press. The biggest is having the ability to set up your die sequence in advance. Also, having the extra real-estate on the turret head allows for the integration of additional reloading components such as a power measurer. While it does make sense to weigh your rifle loads separately, a powder measure is handy for pistol loads, for example.

redding t7 turret press

First Impressions of the Redding T7 Turret Press

Honestly, it’s a beast! The press body is quite heavy, and that’s not a negative feature by any means, in my opinion, that works in its favor. The design allows for a full one hundred and eighty degrees of unlimited access to the shell holder and ram. The shell holder clips into place and can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees should you want it. With 4 3/4″ of press opening and 3 13/16″ ram stroke, the Redding T7 accepts even the largest calibers. The T7 takes full advantage of the 1″ solid stainless steel ram. There are no cheap components on this press whatsoever. The action has a smooth pull, and at 15″ including the ball, it has plenty of leverage.


  • Interchangeable 7 Station Turret
  • Accepts 7/8″ -14 Threaded Dies
  • Positionable Universal Shell Holder
  • Single Primer Seating Arm
  • Integrated spent primer catcher
  • Solid ball handle


  • Weight 24.1 lbs
  • Hight 15″
  • Mount Base 4 1/2″ wide x 4 5/16″ depth
  • Mount Base Holes 3 1/4″ wide on center x 2 7/16″ on center depth

Optional Items (not included)

  • Slide Bar Automatic Primer Feeding System
  • Turret Stacker
The Redding T-7 Turret press with ram fully extended to die body.
Ram fully extended to die base.

In closing, I’ll say that the Redding T7 Turret Press provides a versatile platform for all handloaders, novice to expert. Whether you’re reloading pistol cartridges or precision ammunition, this press is a solid choice. The T-7 has found a permanent place on my bench, and I look forward to running through some die setups and load development with you all. Do you currently have a T7, or are you thinking about picking one up? Feel free to give us a shout out in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about your experience with this press. Thanks for reading.

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