KMS Squared UFO 650 Reloading Press Light

ufo 650 reloading press light by kms squared

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The KMS Squared UFO 650 Reloading Press Light

I recently picked up the KMS Squared UFO 650 reloading press light, and to perfectly honest with you; I don’t know why I hadn’t pickup a kms2 light sooner.

A little over five years ago I decided it was time to step up my reloading game, and so I went out and bought a Dillion xl650 progressive reloading press. At the time I was getting into competitive shooting and was looking to take my black badge course. I could easily rip through a thousand rounds of 9mm ammo and somehow convinced myself that I should be reloading the stuff in bulk.

It wasn’t so much that I thought I could save money, it was more about having the ammo on hand.

Anyone familiar with reloading on a progressive press will understand what a huge difference it makes in ammo production. Once you have everything set up and all your components in place, you get into a groove as you’re cranking out the rounds. The one thing that I always struggled with in my reloading room was adequate lighting. I’d still have a small flashlight on hand ready to inspect any of the many moving parts.

I even attempted to rig up a flexible neck led, positioned to illuminate the shell plate. It didn’t last long.

KMS Squared UFO 650 Reloading Press Light for the Dillon xl650, xl750 and RCBS Pro 2000

I don’t recall when I first heard of the reloading press lights, but I do remember thinking what a smart idea they are. Of course, I liked to do things the hard way and continued as-is for a while. It wasn’t until I set up the reloading equipment in my new house that I finally decided to order the KMS Squared UFO 650 reloading press light for my Dillon xl650.

What’s in the kit?

The package contains everything you need to install the reloading press light on the Dillion xl650.
Included is one horseshoe-shaped strand of 24 SMD2835 LEDs which produces 500 lumens. Also, included is the 12v AC adapter with a detachable, in-line switch. Of course, it also comes with zip ties and everything you need to attach the cable to your press. Oh, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

UFO 650 Cable Management

After a quick read through the instructions, it took me no more than 30 minutes to set everything up just the way I wanted it. Since I use a Dillion Precision strong mount, I ended up attaching the switch on the right-hand side where I run the Case Feeder cable down to my power source. The only additional items I used, were a few extra Zip ties to bind the UFO 650 cable to the case feeder cable.

UFO 650 switch and cable management

SMD2835 LEDs at 500 Lumens

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already plugged in the LED light to test it out, it just makes sense to check that everything is in working condition before installing it. That said, once installed, and I flicked the switch for the first time on the press, I couldn’t help wonder why it took me this long to give this product a go. The difference is literally like night and day. Adding the UFO 650 lighting system to my reloading press has got to be one the best things I could have done. If you’re a handloader I highly recommend that you check out the full line of KMS Squared products below.  ufo 650 kms2kms squared ufo 650

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