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Without a doubt, reloading ammunition will save you money over the long run. With that said, there are a few things to consider, with the biggest one being the cost of your reloading equipment. Many people who reload look more to the overall benefits of reloading rather than the cost savings alone. The tool provided here is only meant to calculate the general costs associated with the expendable components. Of course, brass is one of the exceptions in this mix, as you will likely be reloading the same brass several times. So, if you come up with a reasonable number as to how many times you can safely reload your brass, go ahead and divide the cost of the brass by that number and use that for your brass price in the calculator. For example, some say that around ten times is a reasonable number to consider for the life span of your brass.

How Does Factory Ammunition Stack Up Cost Wise?

Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a cost comparison if we didn’t provide you with the tools to determine the cost per-round of your factory ammunition, albeit a simple equation.  You may find, however, that once you factor in the time it takes to roll your own, buying bulk factory ammunition sometimes is not a bad option at all. This mainly depends on what caliber your shooting, and how much of it you intend on shooting.

In conclusion

As mentioned above, most people who reload do so for other reasons besides cost savings alone. Using this calculator will help you determine what your overall costs are, and weigh them up against the cost of factory ammo. We hope you’ve found this tool to be somewhat useful, and if so, hit the share button. Also, in the comments below, let us know what your cost per round is on your favorite recipe.

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