Olight i1R EOS 2 VS. i1R 2 PRO – Is it really worth upgrading? You might be surprised.

i1R 2 EOS VS. i1R 2 PRO

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One piece of my EDC kit that I find really helpful is my keychain light, so I thought I’d quickly compare the Olight i1R 2 EOS vs. i1R 2 PRO. And while I understand that some of you may not like the idea of extra stuff dangling from your keychain, both the i1R 2 EOS and the Olight i1R 2 PRO attach easily to anything you get the split ring around, such as a zipper, for example. So in the article, I’ll review the specifications for both lights and highlight the Pros and Cons as I see them.

But I will say this first, the i1r 2 EOS has spent way more time attached to my keychain than the i1R 2 PRO. Mainly for the fact that I’ve had the i1R 2 for a lot longer than the pro. In fact, many friends and family have received an i1R 2 as gifts from me because they are such excellent little lights. So alright, let’s look at the specs side by side to compare these two models.

i1R 2 EOS VS. i1R 2 PRO Factory Specs

I’ll start by comparing the model’s lighting levels and runtimes. But, it is worth noting that these keychain flashlights only have two light levels and no other modes like a strobe or SOS. I don’t think those features are necessary on a keychain light, but if you are looking for that type of functionality, I believe you need to step up to the S1R Baton II, which is not a keychain light.

Olight i1R 2 Eos VS. i1R 2 Pro Lighting Levels and Run times

i1R 2 EOSi1R 2 PRO
Light Mode Level 1 - 5 Lumens Light Mode Level 1 - 5 Lumens
Run time Level 1 - 6 HoursRun time Level 1 - 12 Hours
Light Mode Level 2 - 150 LumensLight Mode Level 2 - 180 Lumens
Run time Level 2 - 15 MinutesRun time Level 2 - 23 Minutes
Max Lighting Intensity - 400 cdMax Lighting Intensity - 580 cd

As you can see, the first light level in the i1R 2 EOS and the Pro model is 5 lumens, but there is a significant increase in run time on level 1. So you get double the runtime with the i1R 2 PRO at 12 hours vs. 6 hours on the EOS. And as for level 2, there is only a bump of 30 lumens on the Pro version, with an increase of 8 minutes run time.

Neither of these models has a bump-down to the lower level after a specific time. These keychain lights simply slowly burn out as the battery level decreases. And as you can see in the pictures below, at 12 feet you don’t see a lot of difference between the 150 lumens and the 180. I add an outdoor night time video and see if I can capture the difference a bit better. It is very slight to say the least.

i1R 2 EOS VS. i1R 2 PRO Weight and Size Comparison

While it should be evident that with an increase in Run Time and with the boost in Lumens, there is a difference in size and weight due to larger battery size. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the size and weight of both models.

Olight i1R 2 VS. i1R 2 Pro Size & Weight

i1R 2 EOSi1R 2 PRO
Weight - (0.46 oz or 13 grams)Weight - (0.78 oz, or 22 grams)
Length - (1.73 inches, or 44 millimetres)Length - (2.02 inches, or 51.3 millimetres)
Diameter - (0.58 inches, or 14.8 millimetres)Diameter - (0.64 inches, or 16.2 millimetres)

Olight i1R 2 EOS VS. i1R 2 PRO Diameter

i1R 2 eos vs i1r 2 pro

Olight i1R 2 VS. i1R 2 Pro Battery and Charging

i1R 2 EOSi1R 2 PRO
Battery - 70mAh 3.7v Lit-Ion rechargeable batteryBattery - 130mAh 3.7v Lit-Ion rechargeable battery
Charging Type - Micro USB (included)Charging Type - USB-C (included)
Charging Time - 1 Hour and 15 MinutesCharging Time - 1 Hour and 40 Minutes

I think switching to USB-C from Micro USB is a good move. And now that other models, such as the Baton 3, use USB-C, it makes sense to have some consistency there. I never really cared for Micro USB on any device, but that’s just me. When connected to a power source, the i1R 2 EOS and the i1R 2 PRO use a small red led indicating that the battery is charging. The led changes to green when fully charged.

So at this point, you may be starting to weigh the pros and cons of the i1R 2 EOS vs. i1R 2 PRO model. Are the size and weight increase justified by the run time and extra lumens? What about the charging time and cable change?

Micro USB vs USB C

i1r 2 pro charging
i1R 2 PRO Charging
i1r 2 eos charging
i1r 2 EOS Charging

My final thoughts on the i1R 2 EOS VS. i1R 2 PRO

So this is where the rubber hits the road, folks. When I think about something extra dangling off my keychain, I want it to be relatively small, almost not even noticeable.

The extra size of the i1R 2 PRO is not justified by the few additional lumens. Also, while I like that the level 1 run time is doubled, I typically only use the level 2 mode, so the added 8 minutes doesn’t make much difference in my world.

Let’s keep in mind that these keychain flashlights are not meant to be primary EDC flashlights. Instead, they are an excellent emergency light. Perfect for navigating a dimly lit path or identifying objects at close range.

At this point, I will have to stick with the i1R 2 EOS, at least regarding a keychain flashlight. As for the i1R 2 PRO, I think it will go nicely attached to a small backpack or a first aid kit.

Olight i1R 2 EOS VS. i1R 2 PRO Price and Where to Buy

Olight i1R 2Product DescriptionCheck Stock
Olight i1R 2 EOS

Olight i1R 2 EOS Kit Keychain Light

$17.95 with Amazon Prime

Olight i1R 2 PRO

Olight i1R 2 Pro Kit Small Keychain Light

$21.95 with Amazon Prime



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