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FortKnight Optics 308 Free Range - Frontsight HD Polarized Lenses by ZEISS

Let’s talk eyewear here for a minute, and more importantly, FortKnight Optics performance eyewear made specifically for sport shooters. I recently met Tyler Johnstone from FortKnight Optics at his shop in Gastown, Vancouver. It just so happened that I was in the market for a new pair of sunglasses when I saw a recent post by Tyler in the CCFR Facebook group. So, with a trip to Vancouver on my schedule, I decided to reach out and meet up.

From the start of our conversation, it was clear that Tyler and his team have a true passion for Shooting Sports, the motivations behind the FortKnight Optics line. We discussed the need for lightweight, durable, and ultimate clarity regarding shooting glasses. But also, that style should never take the back burner. And I have to say the result is phenomenal.
FortKnight Optics delivers a purpose build, performance eyewear that fits great and looks fantastic on and off the range.

And I can honestly say that they have quickly become a must-have in my everyday carry. Quite literally, I’ve worn my pair of 308s every single day since picking them up. They are even holding up to the toddler torture test. hahaha

What makes FortKnight Optics so great?

There’s an easy answer to this question, and it has much to do with the motivation behind FortKnight Optics. Tyler realized a real market between quality and design when it came to premium eyewear for shooting sports. And after trying many brands and styles, he set out on a mission to produce a product that would satisfy the requirements of the most demanding real-life scenarios.

Of course, a premium pair of eyewear requires a premium set of lenses. Enter Lenses by ZEISS. Most of you know ZEISS and its legendary reputation in binoculars and high-quality rifle scopes. But at its core, ZEISS specializes in Optical Technologies. And their LightPro Technology is a perfect integration to FortKnight Optics and is indeed what makes this eyewear so great.

About LightPro Technology Lenses by ZEISS

So if you watch the video, and I highly recommend that you do, you’ll understand how LightPro Technology works and how beneficial it is to the sport shooter. 

Imagine equipping your firearm with a top-of-the-line holographic sight such as an EOTECH or LEUPOLD, only to find that the sight picture is distorted by the reticle when wearing your polarized shades. Not good. 

FrontSight HD Polarized Lenses by ZEISS with LightPro Technology will not distort or dim digital screens, firearm optics, or cell phones. In addition, they provide 80% higher visual contrast in variable light conditions. So no more blacked-out shaded areas in your field of view. 

308 Stag 10

FortKnight Optics currently stocks and offers four models of performance eyewear. 

  • 308 Ballistic Clear
  • 308 Free Range
  • 338 Ballistic Clear
  • 338 Free Range


The Ballistic Clear features premium HD Lenses by ZEISS and is ideal for all shooting sports disciplines. Whether running drills, shooting 3-gun, or simply plinking, the Ballistic Clear provides visual clarity combined with ultimate eye protection. 

The Free Range features FrontSight HD Lenses by ZEISS, a perfect blend of visual clarity, polarization, and eye protection. In addition, with the integration of LightPro Technology, the Free Range will never distort screens like other polarized glasses, making this ideal for sport shooters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Size Guide

The primary difference between the 308 and the 338 is size. So let’s look at the difference in size to help you pick the proper fit.

The 308 is best suited for a small to medium fit with the details as follows:

  • Lens Height 42mm
  • Lens Width 57mm
  • Frame Width 135mm
  • Arm Length 135mm


The 338 is better suited for a medium-large to extra-large fit:

  • Lens Height 44mm
  • Lens Width 59mm
  • Frame Width 144mm
  • Arm Length 133mm


Why I Wear The 308 Free Range Everyday

While I may not get to the range as much as I’d like these days (parents with toddlers can relate), I appreciate purpose-built EDC gear. The gear I spend my hard-earned money on has to withstand everything from a casual day in the park with my son to hiking trails on the rugged west coast of Canada and everything in between.
Even better when my eyewear is mission-ready, providing peace of mind knowing that my eyes are well protected while running errands with my precious cargo or running drills on the shooting range.

So, if you are in the market for your next pair of performance eyewear, I highly recommend checking out FortKnight Optics. Not only will your eyes thank you, but you will also support a small business that advocates for firearm safety and stands alongside our shooting sports community. Thanks for reading our article. Feel free to reach out. We love to hear feedback from our readers.

Where to Shop
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FortKnight Optics Official Website

FortKnight Optics are available
directly from the official website,
by clicking the Shop Now button.

FortKnight Optics Line

FortKnight Optics Amazon Shop

FortKnight Optics are also available
on their official Amazon web store,
with optional Prime shipping.


What are FortKnight Optics lenses made from?

The lenses are made in house by ZEISS, and made from PolyAcetate.

Are FortKnight Optics lenses Impact Rated?

Yes, all FortKnight Optics lenses are ANSI Z87.1+ Impact Rated.

Are FortKnight Optics lenses polarized?

Yes, both The 308 Free Range, and The 338 Free Range shooting glasses are polarized with LightPro Technology by ZEISS.

Are FortKnight Optics available with prescription lenses?

At the moment, FortKnight Optics shooting glasses are not available with prescription.

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