Gear can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people so, whether it’s a well-stocked first aid kit and the knowledge on how to use its contents, or home defense items and use of force training, the gear and knowledge should go hand in hand. This category will undoubtedly grow over time to include many subcategories.

I think it would also be appropriate to cover survival techniques and strategies for specific scenarios. In my own life, I’ve made a point of preparing myself and my family for a range of situation that may require the use of survival gear. It may sound cliche, but if you plan for everything, nothing will take you by surprise. In reality, preparing in even a small way make you that much better prepared than someone who has taken no measure to personal preparedness.

ifak pouch and ifak contents

What is a IFAK

Whether you’re a sport shooter, hunter or just an outdoor enthusiast, there are many reasons to carry an IFAK every day. Here is a basic IFAK

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