Dry Fire Training: How to Master Your Shooting Skills and Save Money in 2023

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Dry fire training is a great way to develop and maintain shooting skills at home. Adding a laser training system can help take the skills you acquire through dry fire practice to the next level while also adding some extra fun! Find out more about how you can use laser training systems for your dry fire drills.

What is Dry Fire Training?

Dry fire training is exactly as it sounds. It is a form of practice done without the use of live ammunition. And while I’m sure that most of you reading this will already know what that means, it’s vital to cover the basics. This practice involves using an unloaded firearm, drawing it quickly, aiming as if in a real-world situation, and “pulling the trigger” on an empty chamber.

And yes, in case you are wondering. It is entirely safe to dry fire a centerfire pistol. Now, with that said, I prefer to use snap caps if I’m strictly doing dry fire without any laser training system. The snap cap gives you more feedback as you rack the slide and eject the snap cap from the chamber.

The Four Vital ACTS of Firearm Safety

Since we are talking about using a real firearm, albeit unloaded, likely in your home, it would be foolish of me not to mention firearm safety. Handling a firearm is entirely safe if following the four essential rules. The A.C.T.S. and PROVE method has stuck with me all these years.

  • Assume every firearm is loaded.
  • Control the muzzle direction at all times.
  • Trigger finger must be kept off the trigger and out of the trigger guard.
  • See that the firearm is unloaded – PROVE it is safe.


  • Point the firearm in the safest available direction.
  • Remove all cartridges.
  • Observe the chamber.
  • Verify the feeding path.
  • Examine the bore.

The steps outlined should become part of your dry fire drills. 

Why Dry Fire Training is Important.

There is no shortage of reasons why dry fire training at home is beneficial and even crucial. Not only will you save a crap ton of money with the cost of ammo being what it is, but you’ll also be able to maintain that necessary muscle memory while focusing on proper trigger control. Of course, nothing can fully replace actual live fire drills. Still, dry fire practice is an excellent addition to your ongoing training.

One of the main benefits of dry fire training is that it allows you to practice your shooting skills in a safe and controlled environment. You can focus on specific aspects of your technique, such as trigger control, sight alignment, and grip, without the distractions of live ammunition.

Dry fire training is also a cost-effective way to improve your shooting skills. As I mentioned, ammo is expensive, and practicing at home with an unloaded firearm can save a significant amount of money over time.

Another benefit of dry fire training is that it allows you to practice in various environments, including indoors. With dry fire training, you can set up targets in any room of your house and practice your shooting skills without worrying about the noise or recoil of live ammunition.

Overall, dry fire training is essential to any shooter’s ongoing training. It allows you to practice your skills in a safe and controlled environment, save money, and improve your shooting skills faster. And adding a laser training system to your dry fire drills makes them more effective and enjoyable.

Take your Training to the Next Level with a Laser Training System

Adding a laser training system to your dry fire practice can take your skills to the next level and make it more enjoyable. One such system is the iTarget Pro Laser Training System, which allows you to track your shots, set up different drills, and compete with other users.

Incorporating a laser training system like the iTarget Pro can be a great way to enhance your dry fire practice by providing instant feedback on your shot placement, allowing you to set specific targets and goals, and adding a competitive aspect to your training. Additionally, it can make dry fire practice more interactive and engaging, which can help to keep you motivated and interested in continuing to improve your skills.

Introduction to the iTarget Pro Laser Training System

An image of the iTarget Pro System

The iTarget Pro is a laser training system that allows you to practice shooting with your firearm at home. The system includes a laser bullet and a free mobile app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a virtual target. The app allows you to track your shots, set up different drills, and compete with other users. The laser bullet is designed to fit the most popular firearms, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The package also comes with a target stand and target cards.

One of the unique features of the iTarget Pro is its ability to track shots, set up different drills, and compete with other users through the mobile app. With the app, you can track your progress and see how you’re improving. Additionally, you can compete against other iTarget Pro users worldwide and see how your skills stack up against theirs. This adds an element of fun and competition to your dry fire training. iTarget Pro App

Using the iTarget Pro

Using the iTarget Pro is straightforward. First, you’ll need to install the laser bullet in your firearm. Next, you’ll need to download the mobile app and set it up on your smartphone or tablet. Once the app is set up, you can start using it to set up different drills and targets. The app has a variety of pre-set drills and targets, or you can create your custom drills.

To get the most out of the iTarget Pro, it’s important to set up realistic practice scenarios. This might include using a target that simulates a real-life self-defense situation or creating a course of fire that mimics a competition. Additionally, it’s important to use the app’s tracking and scoring features to track your progress over time. Finally, with the iTarget Pro, you can set up specific drills to work on specific shooting skills, such as draw time, sight alignment, and trigger control.

The 3 Step Set up

  • Step 1: Get Set Up
    To start dry firing at home, you’ll need a few key pieces of equipment. The first is the iTarget Sled Phone Grip, which holds your phone in place and allows the app to track your shots. You’ll also need the official iTarget app, which is available for both Android and Apple devices. Once you have these two items, set up your phone in the grip and open the app.
  • Step 2: Load Your Firearm
    The next step is to load your weapon with an iTarget laser bullet. iTarget offers a wide range of calibers for all types of guns, so you can use the system with whatever weapon you have at home. Once your weapon is loaded, you’re ready to start shooting.
  • Step 3: Practice Your Aim
    The final step is to fire your weapon at the iTarget Sled Target Sheet. As you shoot, the app will track your shots and analyze your aim in real time. You’ll be able to see exactly where your shots are hitting, and the app will keep score for you. Once you’re finished, you can save your results and even share them with others to compare and compete.

iTarget Pro Accessories

With the iTarget Pro laser training system, you can take your dry fire practice to the next level and improve your aim, accuracy and speed all while having fun. The iTarget cube is an additional accessory that allows you to shoot at multiple targets and communicate with the app via wifi. This way, you can keep track of your progress and set up different drills to keep things interesting.

The New iTarget Cube

The iTarget cube is an exciting addition to the iTarget Pro Laser Training System. They allow for even more versatility in setting up drills and tracking your progress. The ability to control multiple targets with one app through WiFi connection is a great feature. It’s also convenient that they can be purchased in packs or individually. I haven’t had the opportunity to try the iTarget cube yet, but I am looking forward to giving them a go and seeing how they can enhance my dry fire practice. It’s worth noting that the user will need to purchase a laser bullet and batteries separately and have a home WiFi connection in order to use this training system.


In conclusion, using dry fire training with a laser training system is a great way to develop and maintain your shooting skills at home. The iTarget Pro is an excellent option for those looking to improve their skills and add fun to their dry fire training. With its ability to track shots, set up different drills, and compete with other users, the iTarget Pro provides instant feedback, which can help you identify and correct any errors in your technique.

If you’re looking to improve your shooting skills, I highly recommend giving the iTarget Pro a try. Its ability to track shots set up different drills, and compete with other users make dry fire training more engaging and fun. With the iTarget Pro, you can set up specific drills to work on specific shooting skills and track your progress over time. So, give it a try and see the difference it can make in your shooting skills.

What is iTarget?

iTarget is a laser training system that allows you to practice shooting at home using your own firearm and an iTarget laser bullet. The system includes a phone app and a target sled that tracks and records your shots in real-time.

Does iTarget Pro work?n

Yes, the iTarget Pro system has been proven to be effective in improving shooting accuracy and providing a fun and interactive way to practice dry fire at home.

Is iTarget app free?

The iTarget app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store, however, there are some features that require a subscription.

How do laser bullets work?

Laser bullets are special cartridges that are inserted into your firearm in place of regular ammunition. When the trigger is pulled, the laser bullet emits a beam of light that simulates the trajectory of a real bullet. This allows you to practice shooting at a target without the need for live ammunition.

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