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Dillon Precision: Revolutionizing Reloading Equipment

An Unconventional Start in Reloading: Dillon Precision’s journey into the reloading business is as unique as its founder, Mike Dillon. The inception was more by chance than design, beginning with an unexpected trade for a Thompson submachine gun and a progressive reloading tool. Mike Dillon’s innovative spirit was evident early on when he successfully modified a .380 shellplate for progressive .223 ammo reloading. This ingenuity led to the creation of the “Superstar Conversion” kit, marking the company’s first foray into reloading equipment.

Growth Through Innovation and Customer Focus: The company’s expansion was fueled by direct marketing and an acute understanding of the shooter’s needs, especially in action pistol shooting. The RL-1000, Dillon Precision’s first major product, and subsequent models like the RL-450, established the brand in the reloading industry. Their direct sales approach and robust warranty policy not only set them apart but also fostered an intense loyalty among their customers. Dillon Precision’s policy ensures that every hobby-level reloading machine has a lifetime warranty, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.

Forward-Looking and Dynamic in the Firearms Industry: Dillon Precision’s continued success can be attributed to its dynamic approach and constant engagement with its customer base. The company has been proactive in incorporating feedback, leading to several product improvements and new ideas. Dillon Precision’s team, comprised of avid shooters and reloaders, brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that their products are always at the forefront of innovation. Beyond reloading equipment, the company has expanded its horizons to manufacturing an improved 7.62 NATO mini-gun, showcasing its versatility and commitment to the broader firearms industry.

Dillon Precision website: https://www.dillonprecision.com/

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